Products That Help: Small Fry Cages For Aquariums

Products that help: Small fry cages for aquariums


At Aquaponics and Earths Sustainable Living we desire to help those of you want to learn the ropes. We focus in on enhanced breeders so we work more with our fry that some do. Right from birth we feed them with the most nutritious food possible for optimum growth.


At this time of the year in Texas (August) we are getting hundreds of fry swarming to the top of our tanks. Sometimes they come so fast we run out of nurseries. I use five and ten gallon tanks but even then I run out of space.


A little but powerful little tool is having some small net cages that just clamp to your aquarium tank. You can have several of these for those moments when you want the fry out fast. All of us who bread Tilapia know how babies just a week older can eat the others real fast.


You can go to your local pet store and buy them.


fry nursery

These little cages look very cheap and breakable but I’ve found with care they are study and hold up. The cage features a frame style with removable, locking legs and a fine nylon mesh net. It was engineered to allow optimum water flow that furnishes oxygen and fresh water to the fry. It attaches to the side of the aquarium with bendable metal hangers.


  • Safely separates new-born fry from mother
  • Frame style with removable, locking legs
  • Lightweight and very easy to setup


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August 21, 2009 at 03:08 PM

This site is filled with knowledge. Awesome

Bill Burnsreply
August 21, 2009 at 06:08 PM

It appears that you have mastered the art of rasing Talipia. I have friends in Costa Rico that raise and sell Talipia. They are very sucessful at it. How many tanks do you have?

May 04, 2012 at 04:05 AM

“babies just a week older can eat the others real fast.” Wow this freaked me out. For a beginner, is owning 2 tanks too much or just enough?

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