From the garden: Harvest 2010-2011

All these gardens combined, produced over 50,000 peppers and hundreds of pounds of other produce on a very tiny micro-farm.  85% of these crops were grown in less than 5 ½ inches of substrate using recycled materials and fertilized with fish waste.

2010 - 2011 Harvest
2010 – 2011 Harvest

This is just one picking last fall! The fall tour of peppers drew spectators from local schools, colleges, and universities.  Crops were taken to some of the leading chefs in Dallas.  The response was incredible!


This produce was grown in all different kinds of soil and substrate.

Bed Garden

This is not grown in dirt, but compost materials including shredded paper, tree limbs, contents from the chicken shed in a special mix with fish waste and super compost.


dsc_0181Square Foot Garden

These plants are grown in only 5+ inches of substrate and a special AESL mulch mix. Peppers can reach over 7 feet tall. We have been eating tomatoes for almost two months now and are already harvesting peppers and many other crops as of May 2011.



This is great for people who want to grow crops in a very small area.  Crops grow in perlite alone with fish waste for fertilizer. We have salad all fall, winter, and spring. This system grows Swiss Chard very well.



Crops grow in pea gravel with a continually running pump that requires only 45 watts of power. The nutrient rich fish waste provides all the fertilizer needed to grow lettuce and other crops year around. Crops grow in 50% of the average time.


dsc_0056Cow Panel Garden

This unique square foot garden also includes cow panels tied together side by side.  The crops are all grown in only 5-6 inches of substrate.  Vinous full-sun loving plants grow up the cow panel. Under this canopy, partial shade is provided for many other crops. This provides enough veggies for a small family. We could not harvest all that this unit yielded last year.



Drip Irrigation Garden

This is grown in dirt mixed with fish slurry with only one bucket of water a day that drips every 12 inches. This is one of only two gardens that use dirt/clay on our whole micro farm.



Feed Sack Garden

This garden is layered with feed sacks or cardboard or newspaper, mulch, and hay. The garden alone yields an abundant harvest from spring till the first freeze, even in hot summer months as roots are protected with thick mulch. Fish slurry is added before the feed sacks ensuring abundant microbial life. This garden alone can take care of a small family.



Grow Pouch Gardening

Crops grow in bags that can be placed anywhere you wish. Place these in garden or hang from the porch. Especially good for potatoes and can be harvested any time.


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May 04, 2012 at 04:05 AM

That’s a lot of peppers! You must have canned a lot 😀

I’m interested in Vertigrow, since I just have a small space at my backyard I believe this one will work for me.

September 20, 2012 at 04:09 PM

The Feed Sack Garden idea is a great one for my garden. The soil where I live is so hard and very difficult to work with. I’m watering all the time and yet the harvest is so small. Would like a bigger yield for a longer period of time.
Will you be sharing more info on this method anytime soon? Got any fish slurry for sale?

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