AESL Spring Bed Preparation and Planting!

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We are very excited about a new group of volunteers that basically came from our AESL training sessions. We give people who love sustainability the opportunity to come and “help us” at the farm and learn the ropes! Also we have some wonderful people from a downtown Dallas organization who help street people and troubled youth coming to learn. They all come on Wednesdays (our only volunteer day right now) wanting to learn about sustianable gardens. There are also a couple who desire to have their own farms to sustain their family and make some extra income.


I tell everyone the best way to learn this system is to come and work week after week as it’s caught not just taught!


This year so far our volunteers learned:

  • How to prep grow beds and add beneficial microbes to set the stage for planting.
  • How to feed the microbes for multiplication
  • How to “top off” all the grow beds
  • How to properly mix food grade polymers for drought conditions and less watering
  • How to make supper fish mulch
  • How to make compost tea
  • How to plant crops in raised beds and our aquaponics systems

We are deeply thankful for these wonderful people and don’t know what we would do without them. 


Thanks everyone!

John & Teresa Musser

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May 04, 2012 at 07:05 AM

It must have been great to be part of your training. I wish to join one of them one day!

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