Five Female Tilapia PREGNANT At One Time!

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The day before I left for our Belize adventure, we had five of our female Tilapia in our 55 gallon breeding tanks all with eggs in their mouths! This was the first time we had so many pregnant at once; our new techniques are paying off.


Four of the females we took to nursery tanks. The last female I could not get to before I left. When I got back from my trip I scooped her out and put her into a nursery tank and a black cloud came out of her mouth, at least three hundred or more babies. Then I took her to an intermediate holding tank towash her mouth out and another cloud of babies came out. She is not a big fish and all of us were screaming with excitement!


This is why we love Tilapia fish. In a two week period you can go from 7 breeders to 1,500 baby fry, with the right know how!



Note:  AESL teaches several methods of breeding Tilapia fish



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May 04, 2012 at 04:05 AM

Wow that’s awesome. Once the babies are out, are they instantly separated from the mothers? It is SOP. I’d love to check how breeding is done.

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