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For three months we were having some problems with our computer systems not allowing us to upload pictures.


WE ARE ON FACEBOOK! During this time I started using Facebook to post pictures and small articles about the Aquaponics and Earth Micro Farm. In less than three weeks time our site went into over 20 countries. Over this past weekend traffic more than tripled. People are very concerned about rising food prices and hard times.


WE ARE BREAKING RECORDS! The AESL micro farm has achieved outstanding record harvests this year. Our crowning achievement was growing over 500 Roma tomatoes in less than a 4×4 area and only six inches deep. These tests are being conducted to show people everywhere that you don’t need a lot of space to bring in a large harvest. Our cow panel gardens produced over 50 quarts of tomatoes along with sweet melons, leeks, onions, Swiss chard, five different kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, and much more. Our pantry is full and we had to start storing our canned food in another closet.


This is low maintenance backyard gardening at its best! All of the above mentioned area is in only two sections of our micro farm.


Again, since we need to retrain someone and need more editing time for this site, I am using Facebook for now where I can just post comments and pictures in only a few minutes. People are more forgiving there if I make some mistakes. For longer articles we will come back to this site and keep you posted.


In the mean time you don’t want to miss updates of record AESL  harvests on our face book page, just look up:  Aquaponics and Earth


Please ‘like us’ and leave comments or any questions you might have about the related posts!


Future subjects are:

  • The secrets to the AESL sustainable farm model
  • Making compost tea the AESL way!
  • How to build a mini cycle of life farm
  • Much more





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September 18, 2012 at 04:09 PM

Can’t wait to learn more about your cycle of life farm… sounds like a great way to make the most of a small portion of land.

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