My secret to making incredible Chicken Cream Sauce

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My secret to making incredible Chicken Cream Sauce!


I want to talk about one of my secrets that I have never shared until right now!

It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s economical, and it’s fast, delicious, and healthy. You can cut calories by adding less butter. But what’s cream sauce without real butter?

My wife (Teresa) was making a chicken salad with baked potatoes, and fresh salad from our garden with cheddar cheese and salad dressing (Ranch and vinaigrette).

I saw the cast iron skillet she used to brown and fry the chicken she made. She simply used olive oil, Mrs.  Dash and garlic salt with parsley to flavor the chicken. The frying pan had a lot of drippings. I said,  “Let me whip up a cream sauce to boot for an extra topping for the potatoes!”

First I cut up about 4 large garlic bulbs nice and small, turned up the heat, and poured 100% pure virgin olive oil into the black skillet with the leftover chicken scrapings. I used a small square spatula and lightly helped lift the scrapings. Then I added the garlic and cooked till golden brown, on all the edges!

Next I added some sherry cooking wine and inhaled the aroma, yes! The hardened chicken scraps were all lifting into the mix nicely.

I took about 4 dehydrated sweet basil leaves and crushed them in along with some dehydrated Shiitake mushrooms to thicken the mix and give more flavor. I also added some dehydrated sweet bell pepper and let it rehydrate a little.




Then I added a little whole cream (not much) and with a wisk stirred away until all was mixed. This really lifted all the chicken ingredients from the pan. The brown and white swirl was so nice. I kept the heat up and it was still bubbling. At the end I added some whole butter and melted it in. The chicken scrapings were full of seasoning so on this batch I didn’t even need salt.


Chicken Cream Sauce


This is just the beginning of the cream sauces you can make, but a good start! If you don’t have dehydrated powered Shiitake mushrooms, you can add a little corn starch or flour. The recipe above is not only good; it’s real healthy for you!

We had our supper and drizzled the sauce on the chicken and all Teresa could say is, “I remember eating something like this at a restaurant.”

Please share, but give credit where it is due — this did not come easy! Sorry for not giving exact measurements. If you add cream sparingly and retain the taste you’re fine. Just keep the tasting spoon out.

Thanks and have fun with this one! People are telling me I must have French blood in me, due to this secret I just shared with you.

A BARTER: If I get at least seven good comments from different people. I will give you the best cream sauce I ever made. Hint — you have to be making Prime Rib.






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December 11, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Wow! Thank you for making the process of creating a tasty cream sauce to simple! I can’t wait to try this at home this week! I had planned to bake homemade chicken strips in the oven, but I may just have to move it up to the frying pan :o)
All these great pictures are making me hungry! Good thing I brought some sweet potatoes to work to bake in the oven today. And… I just may share some!

December 12, 2012 at 07:12 PM
– In reply to: MB

I only have one more up my sleeve that is better. Hope your try and let me know what you think!

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