Sexing Tilapia – Nugget 3 – by John Musser

We have been breeding and raising Tilapia successfully now for many years.One of the KEYS to developing brood stock is dividing males from females, not only for breeding but for grow out purposes.


What is NOT easy in learning how to Sex Tilapia especially when they are small.


Since this is one of my Key subjects I’m going to give just a few tips for now.


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In the meantime I want to share some NUGGETS that I hope you will like.


Today’s nugget is on:

Sexing Tilapia – Nugget 3

Hint:  Don’t throw out information on breeding that you may think to be too simple.






A well-fed healthy one ounce female can produce as many as 50 or more eggs per breeding and up to 2,000 or more when she is fully-grown. I have witnessed one of our females open her mouth and see a dark cloud of fish. We have one 6 inch female that would release 400- 475 fry every once or twice a month. Tilapia are old enough to reproduce at about three months of age.  This is one of the reasons why people love to breed Tilapia.

Yours for sustainability,

John Musser

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