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Because you’re reading this, I know you’re serious about being a successful organic gardener, so here’s one of my biggest secrets. 

I have never met an organic gardener who did not promote the use of worm castings. Making a compost tea with it, especially using air and …., quadruples the strength of it!

If you have never used brewed worm castings you have a real treat coming as your veggies will thrive along with a larger root mass and plus, it will also help in disease prevention for a healthier crop! I will be sharing why on Thursday 7/18.

Sign up and mark your calendars! We have had so many questions about this formula. We will answer your questions live.

This is one of our Best Formulas and it’s FREE!

Making compost tea using worm castings is one of the most economical ways to fertilize your garden especially if times get harder. Why? It’s FREE (you could call it a survival fertilizer). But there are a couple of things you want to do to make the perfect brew! I have never seen this formula on the internet. It was developed at AESL and tested and proven over and over!

Date: Thursday July 18th

Time: 7pm Central/8pm ET/5pm PT


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