7 Steps to Tilapia Farming at Home – Step 5: Select Your Best Tilapia Breeders


Welcome to Part 5 of the 7 Steps to Tilapia Farming at Home Series!




Now the fun part. Starting your own Tilapia farm at home!




When want you want to get started you will need to purchase some breeders to get the whole ball rolling!


It’s important to find a reliable source your Tilapia breeders. There is a lot of junk on the internet right now. Locals tell us before they knew about AESL, when they ordered fish online they were dead or sickly by the time they received them. There is also too much hype about what you need and don’t need. We hope to be sending brood stock soon as I truly, at this point, don’t know who to recommend. I have called some places and they seem like they don’t know what they are talking about or are suspicious. Or they don’t get back with you at all!


You must have everything in readiness long before your broodstock arrive! You want a main brood tank or tanks, nursery tanks and some grow out tanks to start with. You need this all before you order your fish!


The reason being is, once you get your fish, you are ready to rock and roll and so are the fish. You don’t want to delay the mating process as this can hinder good breeders from being as productive as they could have been. I’ve seen people hinder or ruin real good fish that could have produced thousands. I’ve seen females turn bad and eat their fry due to not being ready to move into nursery tanks! If they do it once, they will learn to do it again.


That’s why you can set up anytime of the year, even in the dead of winter.


You can wait till spring to get your brood stock or with the right indoor heating and lighting you can breed anytime. Please hear me on this one. I have told many people this and even some locals that we have taught, only to find they have so many baby fry and fingerlings they have no place to put them. I will show you how to do it right the first time.


Tilapia are grown like a crop and there is a process for optimum growth. Even when Tilapia farming at home. We have two kinds of fry tanks: a nursery tank for when they are first born then a second tank to feed them our special high protein diet. From this tank they grow to fingerling stage. Then at juvenile stage you sort, sex and place them till grow-out.


Most people know nothing of this process. Some people throw them all together in a couple of tanks.


If you could see my grow-out tank right now you would jump up and down. On our tours, I let people feed them to see our two and three pound fish that will be harvested before winter and last well into next year. We will freeze fillets and then can some for soups, chowders, and patties. It’s our favorite food!


On September 5, 2013 at 7:00 pm Central (USA) we are hosting our live training webinar


Tilapia Breeding & Fry Care for:  Fun, Food, Fertilizer and Profit! By John Musser


This exclusive and comprehensive training is one of a kind. It includes more on the details we’ve gone over in this series, plus information on:


  • Choosing the right location


  • Setting up your brood, nursery and grow out tanks


  • Selecting quality brood stock


  • Fry Care


  • Sexing tilapia


  • * Our Secret Tilapia Food Recipe we have used for years that will accelerate your fry’s growth safely and organically! This process alone is worth the cost of the webinar as it will produce a superior brood stock and set your Tilapia’s growth speeds to reach maturity faster.


  • We are also offering the webinar digitally for download, so you’ll be able to reference it at any time in the future.


This will all be for in introductory of $99, after this it goes to $199. Even at $199 it’s a steal. You can make this back from your first sale of brood stock!


I used to offer just my fry care training for $325 and tilapia breeding at $500 per person. With this webinar you get $825 worth of training for an introductory cost of $99. I don’t know how long our staff will offer this, but since you’ve come this far, you’ll definitely want to get in on this training while you can. You’ll want to join us for our upcoming webinar because it is going to be packed with information to get you started right away.


Register Now at  http://bit.ly/TilapiaWebinarInfo

Thank you,

John Musser
Founder of Aquaponics and Earth

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