7 Steps to Tilapia Farming – Step 2: Find Out Your Local Regulations

Welcome to Part 2 – of the 7 Steps to Farming Tilapia Series!  

when tilapia farming check your state and local regulationsTilapia Farming Made easy, training from Aquaponics and Earth


Since Tilapia is an invasive species not everyone one can raise them for open sale. This is important to remember in Tilapia farming.

It’s important to find out your local regulations!
I know we don’t like to deal with these things, but if you want to go beyond your aquaponics system and feeding your family to sales don’t let fear stop you.


Since each state normally has its own laws and guidelines, it’s important to first check the local authorities’ standing regulations about tilapia farming. Your state’s aquaculture extension officers will provide valuable assistance on growing tilapia.

We contacted our fisheries department years ago and we became a licensed fishery without a lot of hassle. Since we had all recirculating systems that did not flow into streams, lakes and rivers, everything went through very well.

We have our certificate in several locations at our facility and it feels good to know we are safe and operating legally as a fishery!

Here in Texas the TPWD has recently clarified its regulations on Mozambique Tilapia in Texas. Currently, Mozambique Tilapia are legal to stock in private waters without a permit IF THEY ARE DELIVERED DIRECT TO YOUR LAKE, POND, OR AQUAPONICS SYSTEM. 

Mozambique Tilapia are an African cichlid that has been stocked with much success in lakes and ponds in Texas for selective vegetation control and forage enhancement.


There are three species that may be aquacultured with an Exotic Species Permit from Texas Parks and Wildlife: Blue, Nile, and Mozambique tilapia.


The ONLY tilapia species you can have on your property for personal use (i.e. not for sale to the public) without an Exotic Species Permit is MOZAMBIQUE tilapia. In order to be in possession of Mozambique tilapia without a permit you must maintain a copy of your exotic species transport invoice with a valid permit number from the group you purchased the fish from.


It’s a 3 Step Process in our upcoming webinar and training. I will provide you with everything you will need for several states across the US and the process you must take.


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Thank you,

John Musser
Founder of Aquaponics and Earth

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