7 Steps to Tilapia Farming – Step 3: Create Your Plan and Budget


In order to breed tilapia for Tilapia farming you must budget


I hope you are finding this Tilapia farming series helpful so far!


I will spend a good deal of time in my upcoming training to talk about determining a budget for your new tilapia venture. I’m looking back and seeing all the things my mentors did not teach me and I want to take your headaches away!


I’m thinking from a problem solver perspective. If I could have come home with the information I will give you, I’m not sure where we would be today. Some of the things I will be sharing took me years of trial and error, then success!


You need to come up with a plan and a budget!


You also have to draft a good well thought out plan on how you will raise the tilapia. I will train you the best I can, but think about what you are going to do with them.


They grow faster than rabbits! They won’t go to waste as you could feed fingerlings to your chickens from time to time or your ducks.


Since we are in an area where people are craving aquaponics, we have never had a problem getting rid of them. We sell them almost every week.


I had to think out a system of taking the fry from my nursery tanks to our barn for heavy feeding, then to our back door for selling. I needed to get some aerated buckets for people to use to take fish home and get a system in place. Our next step is mail order, but so far we have so many wanting them locally we can’t get started.


What is your operational budget?


Make sure you start putting funds away and plan to do Tilapia farming right. Sometimes, I get so frustrated. I know everyone wants to save and so do I; but I have learned that doing things right the first time is what actually saves money. AND time. The longer it takes you to get up and going the more money you lose.


This is my advice: get a good system first, learn it and then replace or upgrade it later. We now have a simple way to set up grow out tanks that takes no more than 45 minutes to an hour. My advice is this: build the big cement tanks and large systems after you really have a handle on your stuff! You will thank me later.




I will share in more detail a Tilapia farming system that can get you up and going for a few thousand dollars, I mean the whole shebang!  This includes the brood tank, nursery tanks, some grow-out tanks and all the supplies. Then you can add more when you need to or when you can afford it.


You’re going to need some space with water and drainage. If you are going to continue through the winter, you will need heat. A corner of a barn will need to be insulated to keep the cold out.


If you are going to keep a lot of pumps going, you will need good electrical connections and maybe an upgrade for heaters in the winter. These are over and above the costs mentioned above. In time, you will want a backup generator. These are basic tools of the trade for the serious tilapia farmer.


Due to the colder winters we have had in Dallas, we are harvesting most of our fish in the winter and this really works nicely, giving us a little break. We still have plenty in our Aquaponics tank and insulated barn.


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Thank you,

John Musser
Founder of Aquaponics and Earth

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