7 Steps to Tilapia Farming – Step 6: Raise Your Tilapia Fish for Harvesting Part 2


When you learn grow-out in Tilapia farming you have to deal with: density, aeration, and food.




Remember, these parameters are not absolute requirements. You can go at your own pace and achieve the same results in a longer period of time. I use degassing units with splash down and our simple injectors. This encourages faster grow-out with low density tanks.


Here is the formula: in order to raise a tilapia fingerling to 1 pound, you need to provide it with 1 pound of oxygen and 1 pound of food.


Here’s the trick, though. We need to provide these materials in just the right amounts over the desired length of “grow-out” time – generally anywhere from 7- 8 1/2 months. The first question that arises is density: How many can I place in the tank?


Farmers say a rule of thumb is to allow for a carrying capacity of 2 pounds of biomass (Tilapia) per cubic foot of water. Densities of 5 pounds per cubic foot or higher can be accomplished with more sophisticated equipment.


In order to grow 66 Tilapia to 2 pounds (908 grams), you will need to dissolve in the water 6.8 grams of oxygen per hour for 12 months.


If we were to increase the dissolved oxygen to 10.4 grams per hour and provide better waste disposal and water changes, we could do it in 240 days (8 1/2 months)!


We must ensure that you feed your fish well besides maintaining favorable environmental conditions during the grow-out phases. Remember that tilapia reach a harvestable size in a matter of six to eight months with Tilapia farming. This also depends on the species you have.


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