The Shocking Truth About Free Range Organic Eggs vs. Regular Eggs

“My chicken eggs are different, but raised on the same planet! “

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This article is related to a series of posts building up to our online university about our “Cycle of Life Farm,” located in an urban area on 1/10th of an acre. Our farm is known in over 50 countries of the world and is visited by global experts as a model eco-farm.

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My Childhood Chicken Adventures 

I have a friend who purchased her first few chicks the other day. She was so excited to receive them and even sat up all night nursing one who appeared to have gotten injured in the move. Raising chickens is exciting business! I have raised them for about 11 years, almost as long as my family has lived in Texas. I always wanted to raise chickens. When I was a little kid, I won a few eggs at the fair and brought them home, eagerly awaiting their full arrival into the world. My father, however, was raised on a farm and did not want to keep them. Needless to say, their little lives did not last long. That was one of the those dark moments in a child’s life that lasted for years until decades later, I went to the farm store and bought 25 of them, all different breeds. This was a good lesson and the beginning of a new adventure. I think I had ten roosters; as they grew, they got cocky on me and our interns. I found out that the hens were laying eggs outside the shed and discovered a mound of eggs about 12 inches deep and 2 feet wide. Sadly, some neighbors dogs ended up wiping out almost the whole flock!


I raise chickens now for fun, food and for fertilizer. I’ve had many different varieties through the years. I like Rhode Island Reds or Cinnamon best; I’m used to their personalities and have found that they are the best dual purpose breeds. Now that my flock needs to be replenished, I may try a new breed but I’m not sure – these two keep me happy in my comfort zone!


For years, I’ve heard of the bad health effects of eating too many eggs. Realizing that we have been lied to for so many years, I rebelled and ate my farm-raised organic eggs every day, sometimes twice a day. I don’t want to sound foolish, but this was my reasoning for doing so.


In my mind, I came to this conclusion: my eggs were NOT even close to store bought. Those shells didn’t even look like the ones from my precious chickens. When you get a store bought egg, it’s oftentimes already months old. You crack it and it lies flat in your pan. That means it’s old.


The color is a faded yellow and it is tasteless. These poor chickens that produce these eggs are:

  • In crowded, packed living conditions 24/7
  • The only light most of them will see is artificial light that many times is extended to produce more eggs.
  • They don’t get a blade of grass or real bugs apart from a dust mite or two.
  • They get medicated feed
  • They are injected with hormones
  • The eggs are washed in a solution that would kill a frog
  • The eggs are in storage for long periods of time before you buy them
  • The chickens know nothing of real life on a farm. They are more like test rats in a laboratory and become nothing more than food producing machines.


My organic free range eggs are NOT anything like this.

  • My chickens are happy and treated humanely, even if harvested.
  • My chickens peck around in real sunlight every day.
  • My chickens are fed food scraps from our table along with a good balanced feed and an abundance of veggies most every day from our organic garden.
  • They scratch around in dirt that has NO pesticides. They catch grass hoppers, bugs, and worms all day long.
  • They go to bed on a perch that fits their feet.
  • They breathe dust-free oxygen all day long.
  • They get fresh, clean water every day.
  • They peck in the dirt and get beneficial microbes in their gut.
  • We like our chickens to be free range, but they are just as good in a chicken tractor that is moved from time to time.


According to Mother Earth News, regarding the nutrition of truly organic pastured eggs versus the eggs the USDA uses for its tests here are the results!

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene
  • 4 to 6 times as much vitamin D


This is why I like “REAL eggs”,  the flavor and color are wonderful! Once you crack them and put them in the pan, you can tell the difference immediately and you don’t have to be a chicken scientist. I think we will be hearing about more results soon and find them to be a super food! At least I hope so since I eat them every day.


This is a great (over the top) video  by GrowOrganic peaceful valley. Good people to support.




How to Raise Chickens for Beginners

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Yours for sustainability,

John Musser


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