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We are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 humanitarian organization dedicated to helping make orphanages and children’s homes self-sustaining. Children love gardening and watching fish and small animals grow!


Our vision has expanded out of necessity to add educational systems, of all kinds, to help teach the fundamentals of sustainably to all peoples. Currently we are also working with schools, colleges, universities and Humanitarian organizations having worldwide impact.

We see the urgent need to help people to become sustainable as so many are starving and some of us are being poisoned with toxic foods. Others are fearful or concerned; still others just want to be prepared. Knowledge and experience is the key! We have developed an Eco-friendly self-sustaining farm system that is revolutionary! Evidenced by the fact that over 200 calls, emails, and or posts come in every week about our farming system!

We have proven at AESL that people can use a very small portion of land to provide abundant, nutritious crops and protein, inexpensively with far less maintenance than traditional farming. This is what Aquaponics and Earth Sustainable Living is all about. We do MUCH more for less!

We want to encourage you to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We have over 20,000 Facebook followers due to bits of information we send. It’s our mini website, so to speak.  Over 20 countries currently follow us!

We have come a long way with our AESL cycle of life micro farm model! We have had two major additions to our farm this year. One is our spiral gardening technique for senior citizens. You will want to keep informed through all our means of communication to learn more!

Schools and colleges looking to use the Aquaponics and Earth system will find very practical information in our online communities.

Many are contacting us to start small farms throughout the U.S. Stay tuned in and make sure you are signed up on our RSS feed and website so when new articles are posted you will get them right away!

Yours for sustainability,

John Musser
Co-Founder and President of Aquaponics and Earth Sustainable Living

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Thank you! 
John Musser