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  The Truth About Aquaponics Food Safety   Just a few days ago one of our facebook friends wrote and said, “I want to start an Aquaponics system but by boyfriend thinks is dangerous to eat the crops since the plants grow from fish waste, do you have any thing I can show him?”   […] Read more


by John Musser (series)   Be sure not to miss one of these articles in this series. I have consulted the leading exerts in the industry plus I am sharing our own experiences with small backyard Aquaponics systems. You can sign up here to make sure you will get all my future posts in this […] Read more

  By John H. Musser   LET’S GET THE KEY BASICS DOWN FIRST! ALL Aquaponics experts agree: the most important thing to be mastered in aquaponics is the “NITROGEN CYCLE.” Without conquering this hurdle, you may find yourself face-flat on the aquaponics racetrack and we definitely don’t want that!     So, today we will […] Read more


  I like this definition:   Aquaponics is the synthesis of hydroponics (soil-less gardening) & aquaculture (raising aquatic life). It is an elegant synergy- where two ecosystems are functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable. Fish provide plants with nutrients to grow. Plants act as a bio-filter and purify the water for happier […] Read more


  WHAT IS THE GRAND SECRET TO SUCCESSFUL AQUAPONICS? By John Musser   If someone were to ask me, what is the #1 SECRET you can share with me about successful Aquaponics? Please tell me John. Well, here it is!   I borrow the thoughts of the masters, but this is my answer to this very important […] Read more

Tilapia farming can be simple if you learn what you need to know from A to Z. Step 4 is to set up a tilapia farming system!   This is what I propose to show you in my upcoming webinar and How to Breed and Raise Tilapia for Food, Fun, Fertilizer and Profit! at home […] Read more

  Welcome to Part 2 – of the 7 Steps to Farming Tilapia Series!     Since Tilapia is an invasive species not everyone one can raise them for open sale. This is important to remember in Tilapia farming.   It’s important to find out your local regulations!   I know we don’t like to […] Read more

    Have you ever thought about growing your own tilapia fish in your backyard or farm for fun, food, fertilizer or profit?   If you answered yes, then tilapia farming may just be the thing for you! The first step you need to take is to decide your goals and objectives.   The culture of […] Read more