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  JOHN MUSSER’S CINDERBLOCK GARDENING SYSTEM IN SEVEN EASY STEPS   ITEMS THAT YOU WILL NEED:   1—Large Mixing Trough (one that is big enough to re-hydrate and mix in). 1—Shovel (a flat – rounded on the edges works best). 3—Five Gallons Pails – food grade. 1—Bag of  *Living Microbe Compost   1—Bag of *Microbe Accelerator (full […] Read more

  The Truth About Aquaponics Food Safety   Just a few days ago one of our facebook friends wrote and said, “I want to start an Aquaponics system but by boyfriend thinks is dangerous to eat the crops since the plants grow from fish waste, do you have any thing I can show him?”   […] Read more

  Join our last canning class of the year! Only 7 spots left. Saturday, October 12 at 1:00 pm. Click here to sign up! Read more

In agriculture and gardening, a cold frame is a transparent-roofed enclosure, built low to the ground, used to protect plants from adverse weather, primarily excessive cold or wet. The transparent top admits sunlight and prevents heat escape via convection that would otherwise occur, particularly at night. Read more

Foods that are Safe to Feed Your Chickens. A general guideline for left over is: Only feed your chickens that which is still considered edible by humans, don't feed anything spoiled, moldy, oily, salty or questionable! Read more

    by John Musser   I love garlic, you must also or you would not be here! This is my little collection (below) of our garlic this summer with some of my rosemary, drying in our pantry. I not talking about the health benefits today which I’ve done on my Facebook posts, but today […] Read more

“My chicken eggs are different, but raised on the same planet! “ Micro-eco farm articles by: John Musser   This article is related to a series of posts building up to our online university about our “Cycle of Life Farm,” located in an urban area on 1/10th of an acre. Our farm is known in […] Read more

Hugelkultur: the ultimate raised garden beds! What is hugelkultur? “hill culture” As the years pass, the deep soil of the raised bed becomes incredibly rich and loaded with soil life. As the wood shrinks, it makes more tiny air pockets – so your hugelkultur becomes self tilling. The first few years, the composting process will […] Read more