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    My last article on this subject to seven steps to tilapia farming is the most important.   You can buy a course or go to a seminar and that’s as far as you go. It’s up to you from there on. But what if you could take your training even further?   I […] Read more

    I hope you are finding this Tilapia farming series helpful so far!   I will spend a good deal of time in my upcoming training to talk about determining a budget for your new tilapia venture. I’m looking back and seeing all the things my mentors did not teach me and I want […] Read more

Want to grow in your Tilapia Breeding Skills? On September 5, 2013 at 7:00 pm Central (USA) Aquaponics and Earth is hosting our live Tilapia Breeding training webinar     Tilapia Breeding & Fry Care for:  Fun, Food, Fertilizer and Profit! By John Musser   This exclusive and comprehensive training is one of a kind. […] Read more

  The U.S. tilapia market is dominated by imports, with less than five percent produced domestically. It’s time to change this and we want to help! It’s time for people just like you to get the right how to tilapia farming advice. Tilapia is a fast-growing tropical species, native to Africa, but resident in more […] Read more

  One of our Tour and Cinderblock Gardening class attendees, Bre Taylor, has started a blog called Nourishing The Home sharing all the ways she strives to nourish her home and work towards self-sustainable living using natural and organic solutions. She is excited to share about all the ways Aquaponics & Earth has helped equip […] Read more

  Because you’re reading this, I know you’re serious about being a successful organic gardener, so here’s one of my biggest secrets.  I have never met an organic gardener who did not promote the use of worm castings. Making a compost tea with it, especially using air and …., quadruples the strength of it! If you […] Read more

We have been breeding and raising Tilapia successfully now for many years.One of the KEYS to developing brood stock is dividing males from females, not only for breeding but for grow out purposes.   What is NOT easy in learning how to Sex Tilapia especially when they are small.   Since this is one of […] Read more

We have been breeding and raising Tilapia successfully now for many years. I was taught by the best in the nation but I had to apply everything I learned. It was NOT easy but now breeding is a simple thing to me, the hardest was in smaller glass tanks. Many have tried and still don’t […] Read more