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[galleryview id=28]       My secret to making incredible Chicken Cream Sauce!   I want to talk about one of my secrets that I have never shared until right now! It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s economical, and it’s fast, delicious, and healthy. You can cut calories by adding less butter. But what’s cream sauce […] Read more

[galleryview id=21] We have a 4 x 4 area where our blackberries are vertically grown and reach out over other trellises. At our AESL Cycle of Life Farm we can produce up to 41 pints of blackberries in one section. So we put a lot of them in the freezer, ready to make preserves!   […] Read more

I went to a local restaurant that I won’t name. I ordered their crusted Tilapia dish every time I went. Time after time I ordered the same dish.  Then one day it was gone I couldn’t believe it. I’ve only gone back to the place twice since they removed it from the menu. It takes only […] Read more