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    My last article on this subject to seven steps to tilapia farming is the most important.   You can buy a course or go to a seminar and that’s as far as you go. It’s up to you from there on. But what if you could take your training even further?   I […] Read more

  When you learn grow-out in Tilapia farming you have to deal with: density, aeration, and food.       Remember, these parameters are not absolute requirements. You can go at your own pace and achieve the same results in a longer period of time. I use degassing units with splash down and our simple […] Read more

  We are almost done with this Tilapia farming series. If this has been helpful to you please let me know! Leave a comment at   7 Steps to Tilapia Farming – Step 6:Raise Your Tilapia Fish Until They Are Ready for Harvesting – (Part 1)   Tilapia fish are omnivorous. They can eat insects’ larva, […] Read more

  Welcome to Part 5 of the 7 Steps to Tilapia Farming at Home Series!     Now the fun part. Starting your own Tilapia farm at home!   SELECTING BREEDERS:   When want you want to get started you will need to purchase some breeders to get the whole ball rolling!   It’s important […] Read more

Tilapia farming can be simple if you learn what you need to know from A to Z. Step 4 is to set up a tilapia farming system!   This is what I propose to show you in my upcoming webinar and How to Breed and Raise Tilapia for Food, Fun, Fertilizer and Profit! at home […] Read more

  Welcome to Part 2 – of the 7 Steps to Farming Tilapia Series!     Since Tilapia is an invasive species not everyone one can raise them for open sale. This is important to remember in Tilapia farming.   It’s important to find out your local regulations!   I know we don’t like to […] Read more

    Have you ever thought about growing your own tilapia fish in your backyard or farm for fun, food, fertilizer or profit?   If you answered yes, then tilapia farming may just be the thing for you! The first step you need to take is to decide your goals and objectives.   The culture of […] Read more

Want to grow in your Tilapia Breeding Skills? On September 5, 2013 at 7:00 pm Central (USA) Aquaponics and Earth is hosting our live Tilapia Breeding training webinar     Tilapia Breeding & Fry Care for:  Fun, Food, Fertilizer and Profit! By John Musser   This exclusive and comprehensive training is one of a kind. […] Read more