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  The U.S. tilapia market is dominated by imports, with less than five percent produced domestically. It’s time to change this and we want to help! It’s time for people just like you to get the right how to tilapia farming advice. Tilapia is a fast-growing tropical species, native to Africa, but resident in more […] Read more

We have been breeding and raising Tilapia successfully now for many years.One of the KEYS to developing brood stock is dividing males from females, not only for breeding but for grow out purposes.   What is NOT easy in learning how to Sex Tilapia especially when they are small.   Since this is one of […] Read more

We have been breeding and raising Tilapia successfully now for many years. I was taught by the best in the nation but I had to apply everything I learned. It was NOT easy but now breeding is a simple thing to me, the hardest was in smaller glass tanks. Many have tried and still don’t […] Read more

Everywhere I go people want to either learn aquaponics or how to breed and raise Tilapia fish. Having raised tens of thousands of these delicious and interesting fish here is a nugget or two.   In the coming new year we are starting “online training” on all the above. If you are on our mailing […] Read more

I offer this recipe at the request of one of our canning class members who heard me talk about our Tilapia fish and all of it’s incredible uses. Thanks for asking! We love to help and I hope you enjoy this favorite.   This recipe is no where to be found on the internet, until […] Read more

[galleryview id=23] Gay Bingham has a passion to teach sustainability to her students in the Agricultural and Environmental Department at Seagoville High School and her community. She came eagerly to the AESL farm and wanted to create a somewhat identical version of our model on the school grounds.   Later the administration of the school […] Read more

[galleryview id=20] The day before I left for our Belize adventure, we had five of our female Tilapia in our 55 gallon breeding tanks all with eggs in their mouths! This was the first time we had so many pregnant at once; our new techniques are paying off.   Four of the females we took […] Read more

Tilapia Facts

Many believe that Tilapia originated in the Nile River.                           Tilapia Fact: History recorded King Tut threw feed into a “muscut” (Egyptian tank), world’s first recorded aquaculturalist. Tilapia Fact: After World War II, Tilapia was “spread” all over the globe. Tilapia Fact: Since […] Read more