girlafriqueCan this really work anywhere in the world?

Yes, that is what this system is intended for. We have thus far taken lists of our necessary components to create this system in India, Mexico, and Egypt. Each place had enough materials readily available to build an excellent system.

How can Orphanages be helped by your systems?

A number of orphanages receive one-time gifts from foundations and grants to help them. This, however, doesn’t give them any lasting source of revenue or food. Recently John Musser whet to a global congress of orphanages to find that many wanted to build such systems, but did not know who to talk with. Since then we have received many calls with inquiries about our particular cycle of life system. 

What will this do for Orphanages?

This system will do three things for orphanages:

1. Provide a food source for the children. One orphanage that we are working with houses 104 orphans, and in the last year they have run out of food many times. The founder of that orphanage called us crying and said that we were angels from heaven and she didn’t know what they would have done without our help.

2. Provide hands-on education for kids on multiple levels such as: how to test water and soil conditions, how to establish ecosystems, learning about microbes and how they help the soil, learning how to grow crops organically without destroying the planet, how to heal damaged land that has been stripped of nutrients due to over-fertilization and dangerous pesticides, how to keep fish alive, how to breed tilapia (one of the most loved fish in the world), and how to process fish and sell them at the market place; and this is just the beginning.

3. It brings hope, vision, and practical experience to children. They can learn hands-on at their orphanage about how to make things grow. At the learning center they can watch DVD’s on many different kinds of systems from small, personal systems to large commercial systems. They will have first-hand knowledge about cutting edge

farming techniques. It is estimated that over 40 jobs can come out of the AESL system.

Why are you doing this? 

You have to love children and feel the pain they feel. John Musser’s grandmother lived in extreme poverty with no running water and outside toilets. They had little or no healthy food to eat and only a few clothes to wear. 

The Mussers have worked with villages and orphans since 1979 giving, in some cases, container loads of clothes, medicine, and food. Sometimes the food was blocked at sea ports for months (which happens all the time). After all these years we have now decided to attack poverty proactively by teaching the poor, and especially orphans, how to grow their own fish and crops, plus learn systems that are the wave of the future and will help our planet. Aquaponics and Earth was born out of our anguish of heart for the poor and needy who live on less than fifty US dollars each month or less.

Who taught you about all these systems?

We are being mentored by some of the most outstanding leaders in the world today in the fields of aquaculture and earth systems.

We have invented many things for ourselves out of necessity because we could not afford to buy at cost. Our inventions are simple, but powerful.

The systems on our farm are less than half of what we have plans for. Mr. Musser says, “I thank God for the wisdom to help the poor and needy.” Also, because AESL has given all of their information away, until now, for absolutely no charge, many wonderful people are helping us with big discounts, manuals, blueprints, and words of encouragement.

What should orphanages do to contact AESL?

They need to fill out the online form because we have a waiting list. Orphanages that have already received funds for such systems can be helped immediately.

Do you need volunteer helpers?

Yes, we urgently need people with building, farming, and plumbing skills to help us put together more systems.

Can you accept donations?

Sudan sufferingYes. Aquaponics and Earth Sustainable Living is a tax except 501(c)3 humanitarian organization. We can issue tax-deductible receipts to any person or organization who donates to our organization.

We are currently seeking grant help to take our system to another level and be able to travel to various locations that have contacted us for help.