Introduction to the 1/10th Acre Webinar

 Upcoming webinar on July 10th at 7:00 p.m. CST for ONLY $29.95!


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This introductory webinar will show many pictures of our farm and introduce all of the following webinars that will be covering our 1/10th Acre Farm series.


Intro to AESL Farm Webinar


The introduction will give you the outline (BELOW) for the upcoming webinars.

This training alone will give you a very good picture of our entire system. 


The following webinars will give you everything you need to set up your own organic

1/10th Acre Micro Farm system!


1.   Introduction and overview to pure food sustainability using the AESL cycle of life micro farm model.


2.  The feasibility analysis based on goals and objectives in setting up your farm. 


3. The  17 Basic Essentials of the AESL cycle of life micro farm system.


4. Making the growing substrates used in the AESL cycle of life micro farm system.


5. Making the fertilizers used in the AESL cycle of life micro farm system.


6.  Getting started: Laying out the basic system.


7. Very exciting possibilities of the AESL Micro Farm.


“First and foremost, John & Teresa Musser are of the highest character.  Integrity in how they treat you to how they conduct their business is a priority for them.  They are also amazingly gifted at their craft.  I can honestly say that their instruction has made the difference in progressing us from beginners to now successfully running a commercial urban farm.  Decades of study, trial and error and practice place them on the cutting edge of the food sustainability movement.” 

Daron Babcok – Bonton Sustainability farm –June 2014